Newsbox Has Made It Possible to Book a Taxi Online

For those travelers, who wish to have nice rest in Sudak and the neighboring areas, has offered a great chance to book a taxi online.

Summer rest brings people lots of pleasant emotions and memories that should not be spoiled by minor problems and misunderstandings. These problems, however, frequently happen when a traveler wants to find a vehicle that will take him/her to the required destination. This may be a real problem, especially if a person is in the unknown place. is a transportation company based in Sudak, which offers high-quality services to people, who need to travel anywhere by car. The company has years of experience in the transportation business and uses the acquired skills and knowledge to ensure the best level of servicing one can get in Sudak. The service tries to keep up with the times and the technical progress, which is observed in all spheres of human life nowadays. With this purpose, they implement the latest technologies intending to provide the top-notch transportation services in Sudak and the neighboring locations. Recently, it has become possible to book a taxi online. Completion and submission of the application form, which is available at the official website of the company, does not take longer than a few minutes and makes the process quick and convenient, especially for people traveling from distant locations.

The company employs the team of professional drivers, who know the best routes and are well trained and experienced to ensure safe and trouble-free travel. Taxi in Sudak is dedicated to the needs of its clients and aims at meeting the preferences and requirements of the most demanding travelers.

Apart from that, always takes care of their clients’ comfort and pays special attention to the safety issue. That is why all the passengers and the automobile fleet of the company are insured. The company also has a number of benefits, which help it withstand the tough competition existing in the business today.

Despite the superior level of services provided, they also offer reasonable prices for the transportation of passengers and their things. This is a notable advantage for travelers looking for a cheap taxi in Sudak. The next benefit is the company’s reliability and professionalism. They use only safe and certified vehicles with taximeters, the condition and performance of which are checked on a regular basis. The fleet of the company involves over 10 autos of the mid, economy and business classes. The major vehicle brands one can find here include Daewoo Lanos; Opel Astra, Vectra; Chevrolet Aveo, Lacetti, Epica; Volkswagen Golf, Passat; Peugeot 405; Skoda Octavia; Mercedes Benz. All the autos are provided within the shortest time intervals.

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About the Company: is a taxi service, which is located in Sudak and offers high-quality transportation services to people traveling around the city and the neighboring areas. The company has rich experience in this business and provides all kinds of transportation services their clients need. They employ the most qualified and experienced drivers only and have a large vehicle fleet, which is regularly checked and tested to ensure safe and comfortable trips. The company charges reasonable fees, which do not compromise with the top-notch level of servicing provided. It is possible to book a taxi online using an application form available at the company’s website. The service, which is dedicated to the needs and requirements of travelers, is available 24/7.

Contact Info:
Address: 18 Vinogradnaya Street, 298000 Sudak, The Autonomous Republic of Crimea
Tel.: + 7 978 845 0208
Viber: + 7 978 7 978191


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