Brand New Website For Asian Food Launches In Austin

Today, Asian Eats ATX is proud to announce that they have launched their brand new website in order to better serve the needs of people looking for the best Asian food in Austin, TX.

With the support of the Greater Austin Asian Chamber of Commerce (GAACC), Asian Eats ATX is now equipped to handle the technological demands of the 21st century with their new site. Through the site, they hope to provide expert content and opinions for those seeking delicious Asian food in a city where food scene is booming, but the Asian food is not quite as well-known.

Asian Eats ATX has a mission, and that is to provide the best portal for Asian restaurants in the Austin area. Between the network of the GAACC and the relationships they hope to cultivate with the amazing food bloggers and residents of Austin, their goal is to become the #1 online resource for Austinites looking for Asian food.

Austin is a booming city with a thriving food scene, driven by an innovative, entrepreneurial environment, and supported by a community that loves locally-sourced, healthy food outlets created by a renegade wave of talented chefs.

Asian Pacific Americans (APAs) as a demographic are the fastest growing in Central Texas, doubling about every 10 years. The Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Filipino and Pakistani populations are just a few of the diverse ethnicities contributing to this growth.

To provide APAs and those interested in their cuisines easier access to the hundreds of Austin Asian restaurants, Asian Eats ATX’s website will serve as a portal for those restaurants and give Austin foodies one easy place to find the authentic food and restaurants they want to eat at.

By visiting, one can ask any questions or get restaurant listed on the website.

Not only will Asian Eats ATX provide information on Austin restaurants, they will also offer free and valuable content on their site, including guides, reviews and etc. They take great pride in their vision of providing a comprehensive resource on Asian restaurants in Austin. They also have their own Facebook page where the public can stay updated on new restaurants and content.

About Asian Eats ATX:

Asian Eats ATX was founded and is operated by the Greater Austin Asian Chamber of Commerce. The website was designed as a portal to connect those looking for good Asian cuisine in Austin, Texas and those mom-and-pop shops that need a digital presence. The website is a resource for those in the mood for Chinese food, Japanese food, Korean food, South Asian food, Thai food, Vietnamese food and any other Asian food.

Visit for more information.

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