Quickbooks Repair Pro Debuts Solution Service for Quickbooks Negative Inventory

With a growing concern for recurring errors by Quickbooks users, announces resolution service to fix negative quantity on hand issue.

A simple mistake known as the ‘negative quantity on hand issue’ has led to many Intuit Quickbooks users consulting their account professionals to double check balances sheets and profit accounts. This costly effect has driven leading Quickbooks file repair company, to release a new services that resolves the negative inventory issue in Quickbooks.

“It’s a simple mistake that has a major impact on Quickbooks accounts–leaving whole files with negative inventory. We’re proud to provide a service that will fix the issues caused by negative inventory for Quickbooks users,” comments John Rocha, who is CIO of

The error is caused when a user enters in sales transactions before entering purchase transactions. The result includes a variety of accounting issues with the Quickbooks files that include: data damage, which forces users to constantly rebuild the file, balance sheet inventory account amounts to be incorrect and incorrect vendor reports. Repair Negative Inventory works by resolving issues within a Quickbooks data file–repairing all instances of negative inventory in the file. Each source data file is analyzed to identify the items and dates the quantity on hand (QOH), repairing all files to ensure correct verification in Quickbooks. For more details on the Quickbooks inventory repair service, please visit:

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