Investors Underground Announces Release of InfoTraded’s Momentum Chat Review

Investors Underground, a day trading community that also offers a wide range of educational products and services to investors, has announced the release and immediate availability of a third-party review performed by InfoTraded. The full text of the Investors Underground review, which focuses primarily on the Momentum chat-room feature made available through the day trading community, can be found on InfoTraded.

According to Investors Underground, the chat features made available through a membership with the day trading community are often cited as central to the success of both beginning and veteran day traders. The Momentum chat-room feature reviewed by InfoTraded tends to focus on the most volatile and highly liquid stocks, making it necessary for members to be able to react quickly to the information shared via the chat room.

“My experience with the Momentum chat-room feature proved to be much more enlightening than I had ever expected,” said Mike, who wrote the review now posted on InfoTraded. “I learned a great deal about the philosophies that guide the most successful day traders and I’ve benefited tremendously from having the opportunity to essentially look over the shoulders of many expert day traders.”

In the review, Mike warned that attempting to mimic other day traders is not necessarily an ideal strategy and could even prove problematic given the fact that a day trader would have to be able to respond with exceptional speed to generate the same results as another trader in the chat room. Instead, both the reviewer and Investors Underground believe it is best for new members to focus on education and to work on developing a daily strategy based on the wealth of information made available through a membership with Investors Underground.

About Investors Underground

A day trading community founded by Nathan Michaud in 2008, Investors Underground has provided a wide range of educational products and investment services to its members. Through real-time alerts, webinars, chat rooms and daily scan lists, Investors Underground has developed a comprehensive system of support for members of its community.



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