Investors Underground Announces New Instant Feedback Feature

Investors Underground has announced the development and immediate release of a new feature to accompany its expansive product and service offerings aimed at supporting day traders of all levels of experience.

The day trading community’s new service provides users with a forum in which they can provide feedback regarding their specific experiences as members of Investors Underground and share their insight outside of the chat rooms dedicated to real-time trading.

The instant feedback feature also allows members to perform their own Investors Underground review in a setting that will make it possible for specific changes to be made to the manner in which the community operates. Members can discuss the benefits of certain educational services or review webinar subjects with each other in order to improve their respective day trading results through the use of this new feature, which is live and is already in use by members of the day trading community.

Investors Underground is a day trading community that thrives because of the free exchange of ideas between all members of the community,” said a company representative. “We have expert moderators in place to assist day traders each day, but we also understand that our community members are in a unique position to inform us regarding the efficacy of our services. As a result, we are very excited to incorporate all of the valuable information we receive through this new feature.”

The representative went on to note that there are many other forums in which members are able to review the community's services, including but the intent of the new feature is to ensure that there is a greater degree of specificity and organizational structure in the feedback provided so that any feedback-based changes will be implemented with greater efficiency.

About Investors Underground

Founded by Nathan Michaud in 2008, Investors Underground is a day trading community that provides its members with support in the form of daily scan sheets, chat rooms, webinars, watch lists and day trading educational courses.



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