Sustainability Advisory Expert Marlon Kobacker Offers Insight and Analysis on Municipal Efforts to Increase Renewable Energy Use

Marlon Kobacker is announcing the immediate release of a lengthy article in which he outlines the most effective strategies available to local governments seeking to shift to complete reliance on sustainable energy resources.

In keeping with the oft-cited maxim of “think globally, act locally,” sustainability advisory expert Marlon Kobacker has offered his insight regarding the efficacy of current municipal efforts to increase the use of renewable energy on a widespread scale. Noting that the success of these local efforts will have a very real impact on the world at large in relatively short order, Kobacker has also announced the release of a lengthy article detailing the most effective methods through which a sustainable energy program can be implemented.

“At this point, there is absolutely no room for inefficient implementation of sustainable energy and sustainable building practices, and there is certainly not nearly enough time to adopt a trial-and-error approach in addressing this critical issue,” said Kobacker. “It is my most sincere hope that my understanding of advanced green energy practices can be of help to the municipalities that must make a concerted effort to secure a future that is not radically and adversely altered by the deleterious effects of global climate change.”

With many local governments and municipalities taking an aggressive approach in shifting to 100 percent renewable energy reliance, Kobacker has made a wealth of information available to ensure that such a transition is made as smoothly as possible. Kobacker’s primary concern -- a concern shared by many others within the green energy industry -- is that a poor approach to implementation might create a negative perception that alters the level of public support as well as the urgency felt by local government leaders to make these changes.

“This is a global crisis that must be addressed as quickly and as efficiently as possible,” said Kobacker. “Without immediate changes that start at the local level, the consequences of inaction could be far more serious than most could ever imagine.”

About Marlon Kobacker

A sustainability advisor currently serving in a position of leadership with Clean Energy Corporation Australia, Marlon Kobacker has been instrumental in demonstrating how to combine principles associated with both design and finance with the goal of removing the capital cost barrier in the adoption of clean energy technologies. Marlon Kobacker also frequently can be found on Twitter.



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