Michael John Mally Announces New Publication Revealing Artistic Influences

A dedicated artist whose work has been featured in galleries throughout Southern California, Michael John Mally is announcing the release of a new long-form publication detailing his personal artistic influences.

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Michael John Mally has always maintained that his sole identity, whether personal or professional, is as an artist and nothing else, but this all-encompassing point of view was not developed without the influence of other artists. Reflecting on the diverse sources of inspiration that have buttressed his successful career as an artist, Michael Mally has announced the release of a new publication detailing his unique artistic influences and explaining the impact of such influences.

As a San Diegan well-versed in the artistic expressions of visual artists on either side of the border, Mally explains in his recently released publication that Peter Lik’s La Jolla Gallery has been a particular source of inspiration for his own gallery showing featuring personal portrait photography. Known for his diverse artistic talents and unique vision for self-expression, Mally’s publication also explores his growing fascination with art installations and sculpture gardens.

“At a recent gallery showing, I found myself repeatedly asked to explain how I came to be inspired to create the work on display,” said Mally. “Each time I tried to share my own thought process and to explain how I was inspired by the work of other artists, I felt that I did not have the amount of time needed to properly honor the creative prowess of these artists so deserving of proper recognition.”

Mally went on to note that a long-form publication supplemented with photography represented the most ideal method for properly sharing the depth of these artists’ influence and inspiration on his own artistic output. In the publication, Mally also cites the work of Matt Devine as particularly inspiring while also crediting the Edwards Sculpture Garden for possessing an incredibly vibrant artistic energy.

About Michael John Mally

Michael John Mally is a visual artist and is proud of his reputation for creating works of art that reflect his intense focus and passion for artistic expression. A resident of San Diego, Mr. Mally is also a real estate investor and has used his success in this field to support his passion for creative expression.



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