SYOPTEK Slashes down Fiber Optic Test Equipment Prices for Gaining a Larger Stake in Wholesale Market

SYOPTEK International, a top manufacturer and wholesaler of fiber optic tools, recently applied large discounts on their products to increase sales in wholesale market.

The company has recently announced its move to reduce prices on the equipment in a recent release at the website. Syoptek manufactures fiber optic testers chiefly for installation of cables. The owners stated that the demand for fiber optic testing tools is steadily increasing and that they want to capture a larger share of the global wholesale market than it is now for them.

“We want to take our brand popularity to the next level. We have experienced in the past that potential investors always look for the lowest prices on products sold in the wholesale market. We know that we have a big untapped market to capture outside China and in China as well. For this reason only, we have decided to slash down the prices of the products so as to meet the high expectations of our potential investors”, said a sales officer of SYOPTEK.

Among many other fiber optic testing equipment, alignment fusion splicers, optical fiber identifiers, optical power meters, visual fault locators, and cable boxes are some of the most sold industry-grade testers, the owners revealed.

“After reviewing the demand and supply for fiber optic testing tools in the international market, we can safely say that the gap between demand and supply is far too higher than we expected. We now want to make it big in the wholesale market by reducing prices”, said a key official while commenting on their recent decision to restructure the entire pricing policy.

The owners also revealed that the fiber optic tester and other testing tools that are manufactured are all made in compliance with the international standards. “Due to our long exposure to the international market, we perfectly know that Chinese specifications and international ones do not meet in places. However, we have made sure that the products meet the specifications of the highest standards. Besides, the change in pricing policy would bring us good business, we believe”, said a top official.

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SYOPTEK International Company is a widely acclaimed manufacturer of fiber optic tester and other testing tools.

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