SYOPTEK Garnered Rave Reviews Shortly After the Release of High Quality Tools and Kits

Fiber optic tools from one of the leading units, SYOPTEK, have given competitors a run for their money and renewing their range of products. With top quality strippers, cutters, optic scissors, cleavers, blades, crimp tools, dispenser bottles and miscellaneous others, the company has brought about a revolution in the fiber optics industry.


The tools line from the Hong Kong headquartered SYOPTEK is quite an interesting one. With focus on the most practical ones, the company is garnering positive reviews across the world.

“It is amazing to find such responses from people associated with the fiber optics. Our tool kits have been made keeping in mind the varying needs of customers and their requirement of withstanding the toughest of fiber optic applications. We just combined some advanced technology and the result is for all to see,” said a company spokesperson.

The fiber cleaver has blades, each of which is inspected individually so that they adhere to the needs. Besides, the replacement blades are also compatible with some of the top brands. In addition to this, the fiber optic stripper also assures perfect removal of the bugger coating from fiber and prevents any form of mark or scratch that might affect the optical fiber.

SYOPTEK specializes in researching, designing and manufacturing of quality optical test kits, cleaning supplies, and several kits that most factories and telecom operators rely on. From ergonomic grip to aspects that have been factory set such that they required no adjustments of any kind, the prices were significantly low too. No less than 50% less investment can be made on every item, which is definitely worthy of mention. For those who desire a custom design process, sales engineers at can guide through it.

At a press meet, the CEO of the company said, “We are more than elated to find such overwhelming responses. But it would be great if people can come forward and tell us exactly about their needs. Our site offers a free consultation facility so that you can address to us about your requirements. I can vouch for it that we will work the kit and tools to your advantage in the best possible way.”

At, customers can also find tool kits, cleaners and the like at cost-effective rates.

About the Company

SYOPTEK comes with products that guarantee power packed performance coupled with reduced prices.

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