Airwheel to push out its new products of intelligent personal transport in the 2016 CeBIT

Airwheel will pushed out one type of robot which is based on the technology of self-balancing.

It is seems a practice that one electronics firm releases new products in the CeBIT. Indeed, in the 2016 CeBIT there are many firms has released its new products. Airwheel is a worldwide famous scooter-maker who is set to push out its new products too. It is nearly half a year since Airwheel released new products last year. After an interval of six months, Airwheel finally releases its new products. This must be a good news for a great many loyal players of Airwheel. If they are in Europe, they surely will come to the 2016 CeBIT for its new electric scooters.

Much to surprise, the first model that will be released by Airwheel in the CeBIT is not an electric scooter as before. This is amazing to these loyal players. This time, Airwheel will pushed out one type of robot which is based on the technology of self-balancing. It has the human-to-machine interactive functions. Through the interaction between human being and the machine, the robot can realise many functions. Airwheel robot can map its route and successfully shun the obstacles. This represents the hottest term, i.e. interfacial intelligence. This must be the highlight in the booth.

Another of new products of Airwheel is Airwheel S8. The two-wheeled self-balancing scooter S8 will be added to Airwheel S-series. The S-series is a large family where there are many members. They are famous for its stylish design. Airwheel S8 will follow the same dashing design. At the same time, it makes some breakthroughs.

It is equipped with a saddle like Airwheel S6. The leather saddle offers a comfortable ride to the rider. Once the rider rides Airwheel S8 and feel tired, he could sits on the saddle as he rides. What’s more, Airwheel S8 is equipped with larger tyres. The jumbo tyres enable Airwheel S8 to negotiate tough terrains and obstacles. So the 2016 CeBIT is worth a visit.

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