Newsbox Reviewed Wealthy Affiliate Program and Its Potentials, a blog site owned and run by a group of affiliate marketing experts, recently reviewed Wealthy Affiliate, which is a proven effective program in helping web entrepreneurs and internet marketing starters.

The bloggers claimed that Wealthy Affiliate is the ideal internet marketing and earning tool for anyone who is a novice in internet marketing. They also said that the affiliate network can help today’s entrepreneurs to become tomorrow’s millionaire’s in a failsafe way.

“Many of us are actually Wealthy Affiliate members and they have derived hundreds of benefits from the affiliate network. First off, most of the members are new to internet marketing and it does not really make a difference to them. The program is designed in such a manner that all the new members are trained through an 8-week training schedule”, said an editor and co-owner of “The affiliate program is not expensive and anybody can join the program for a little amount of money, which is indeed a great opportunity for beginners to start earning online through affiliate marketing. now has a blog section that is maintained by experienced affiliate marketers who work as expert bloggers with The owners said that they want every new investor or web entrepreneur to read more about Wealthy Affiliate and check whether the program is a scam or an internet hoax or it is truly a lucrative moneymaking opportunity.

“We are double sure that Wealthy Affiliate is one genuine affiliate marketing program that can change lives forever. It is certainly not a scam or an internet hoax”, said a blogger who has a decade of experience in affiliate marketing. He also said that the Wealthy Affiliate Marketing program comes with a host of built-in features that can help businesses and individuals to learn the little tricks of affiliate marketing.

“The Click Bank Research Tool that comes with the Wealthy Affiliate Marketing Program is a great tool that anyone can use to their advantage. People who are interested in making extra income can easily join the network of marketers”, said the chief editor of during a press conference.

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