Newsbox Offering Now Full Registration Assistance for Singapore Entrepreneurs, a corporate service provider in Singapore, recently announced that they will be providing complete assistance for registration to aspiring entrepreneurs in Singapore and also additional resources.

The owners of the corporate service agency told the press that their aim is to facilitate the wannabe entrepreneurs through the process of company registration so that they can focus on the core competency areas of their businesses in the making.

One of the co-owners, who described their service as ‘incubating businesses of tomorrow’, told the press that people who are interested to start a business in Singapore can simply use the online form on their website to send the pertinent details to the registration support and facilitation team at and avail free consultation.

“In Singapore, nobody can sidestep government regulations pertaining to company registration and start their business. If somebody tries to start a business without going through the proper registration process, consequences can be very harsh”, said a consultant working with the agency. “We can definitely save the time and money of the aspiring entrepreneurs who try to register their companies through us. Besides, if somebody completes all the registration formalities and complies with all the pertinent rules and regulations, he or she might be eligible for getting a lot of scheduled advantages from the Singapore government”, the consultant added.

Apart from direct registration assistance services, now also offers host of free resources for the aspiring entrepreneurs. The owners described their online portal as a knowledge base for tomorrow’s entrepreneurs who are interested in knowing the business laws of the land.

“There are many different types of companies and the registration process and the stamp duties and other regulations widely vary from one type to another. Besides, it’s also important to set up a bank account while setting up a company. There are certain rules that need to be complied with, while there are certain benefits that Singapore entrepreneurs can enjoy provided they comply with all the regulations of the government”, said the CEO and managing director of the agency.

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