Forsentek Brought a Diverse Range of torque sensors force transducers for industrial application

Forsentek Co., Limited, a China based manufacturer of load cells, recently brought in a whole range of force sensors and torque transducers as well as other measurement component parts.


The owners of the Shenzhen, China based manufacturing firm told the press that they are trying to bring more innovative products that can be instrumental across disparate industry segments, such as robotics, automotive and medical equipment manufacturing. They said that the new component parts added to the product catalogue, including the torque sensor and force sensor, are all made in compliance with the internal guidelines and specifications.

Force cells that we offer have the right measuring range, output signal, load direction and sampling frequency. We have also started receiving queries regarding custom design button load cell, force sensor and other types of specialized products that we offer. We are happy to announce that we now offer a range of customizable variables that include load cells varying in rated output, capacity, material, electrical connection, dimension, working temperature, ingress protection class, and other parameters preset for industrial application”, told a senior engineer working with Forsentek Co., Limited. He also said that his company will soon add more innovative products to the long list of products.

“We first define the requirements of our esteemed clients such as the required measuring range, load direction, working temperature among others to decide which load cell could be perfect for the intended application and operation”, the engineer went on to explain the process. “After that, we customize the products according to the requirements of our clients”, he concluded.

The CEO of the export-quality load cell manufacturing company announced that special cost advantages can be availed by overseas buyers from now on. “Since we want to promote the new products and show the world the engineering excellence that defines us and sets us apart from our competitors, we have decided to offer large discounts for businesses purchasing lead cells in large quantities from us”, he said to the press while describing the future plans and objectives of his manufactory. The CEO also launched the print version of the product catalogue at the event.

About the Company

Forsentek Co., Limited is a China based load cells/force sensors/torque transducers manufacturer.

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