Grace Gardens Chooses Ecologically Produced Redwood for New Outdoor Event Center

Since 2007, Grace Gardens has been a premier El Paso area events center, focusing on the market for personal and corporate occasions favoring an outdoor venue.

It provides a large grounds rich with natural beauty and a variety of facilities to suit different types of events. It also offers a comprehensive range of event-related services, including planning, catering, equipment rentals, and decor.

Recently, Grace Gardens celebrated the inauguration of its newest facility, a 30 ft. by 60 ft. pavilion constructed out of redwood harvested according to principles of “restoration forestry”—an ecological approach to producing lumber that prioritizes the long-term restoration of forestlands by employing cut rates significantly lower than both conventional and sustainable forestry norms.

Restoration forestry differs from sustainable forestry—which is well known for its certified sustainable wood products—because restoration forestry favors the growth of a higher volume of old-growth trees over longer periods of time. A redwood tree is considered old-growth when it’s over two hundred years of age. Old-growth habitats are associated with greater biodiversity as well as higher rates of carbon sequestration, a process which removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, countering one of the principle causes of global warming.

Forever Redwood, based in Annapolis, California, manufactured and installed the pavilion. It manages over 700 acres of redwood forestland in northern California, from which it harvests a small amount of lumber for yearly production. Sales of redwood outdoor furniture products, included pergola and pavilion kits for consumers as well as larger, custom structures for government, parks, and business, fund its restoration efforts. The company began restoring forestland in 1995 under its non-profit arm, Old-Growth Again Restoration Forestry, and since then has expanded into multiple garden structure product lines.

The Redwood Pavilion at Grace Gardens was designed to accommodate multiple event types, including ceremonies, weddings, and cocktail hours. It complements an indoor ballroom, indoor/outdoor tent, and island ceremony setting previously in place. Stained concrete flooring, chandeliers, and accent lighting enhance the structure. Redwood was chosen to highlight the natural beauty of the environments, as well as for its well-established resistance to insects and decay, due to the chemical composition of the tannin oils in the wood.

By choosing a product which is ecologically superior even to certified sustainable wood, Grace Gardens has not only supported the restoration forestry movement, but also added to its unique appeal among west Texas event centers.

About Forever Redwood

Based in Annapolis, California, Forever Redwood is committed to growing and protecting our Redwood forests, especially rare Old-Growth Redwoods, by utilizing the proceeds from product sales to fund our restoration forestry work. Visit to see photos of our products and learn more about our mission.

“Many people are aware of the relative benefits of utilizing sustainable forestry products in outdoor wooden garden structures, but remain unaware that an even more eco-friendly option exists, based on wood harvested using the techniques of ‘restoration forestry’. We’re thrilled that event centers such as Grace Gardens are recognizing the superior value — both in ecological terms as well as in the quality of the product — that restoration forestry redwood products provide. These companies are showing the world how we can build upon — and go beyond — the work of sustainable forestry to create an even more positive environmental effect.” — Raul Hernandez, Founder and CEO, Forever Redwood

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