Jerald Simon releases his 8th CD, Pulse, a techno pop collection of fun music

Jerald Simon, president and founder of Music Motivation®, has finished his 8th CD, titled: “Pulse”.


Jerald Simon, president and founder of Music Motivation® ( ) and composer of the weekly “Cool Songs” he composes to help motivate teenage boy piano students, has finished his 8th CD, titled: “Pulse”. This album contains 6 techno/pop soundtrack-like instrumental pieces that feature the piano and is reminiscent of the stylistic rhythmic beat of the 1980s. It was composed with dancing, exercising, running, or business use in mind.

The 6 techno/pop pieces are:

1. Pulse 2. Highway 3. Seismic 4. Danger 5. Conquest 6. Dynamite

Jerald created two video “Motivational Messages” on his YouTube page ( ) that feature two of the techno/pop pieces from the album (Pulse and Seismic).

Today is YOUR Day! - A message of hope and inspiration - Make the most of today.

Be Good. Be Great. Be Glorious! - A message to remind us to be our best.

Jerald is a piano teacher and composer who lives in Fruit Heights, Utah. He has published 20 music books of original music, 8 CDs, 3 singles, and a poetry book of 222 motivational poems. In total, he has composed over 200 piano solos either featured in his 20 music books or available as part of his “Cool Songs Annual Subscription” that primarily teach music theory, improvisation, and composition ( )

"My purpose and mission in life is to motivate myself and others through my music and writing, to help others find their purpose and mission in life, and to teach values that encourage everyone everywhere to do and be their best.” - Jerald Simon

Jerald Simon
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