PerfectDreamer SleepShops Awards Master License for Canada

PerfectDreamer SleepShops revealed today that they recently awarded master license for Canada.

This is to offer high quality, name brand mattresses for all people of Canada. The company has gained popularity and reputation across the United States for providing the highest quality mattresses at a fraction of the cost of the traditional “S” brands.

Instead of spending money on traditional advertising to build their brand, PerfectDreamer mattresses are promoted by the most powerful method on the planet…word-of-mouth. Over 200 SleepShops are contracted to open in the United States in 2016 and projections are to open over 1000 shops within 18-24 months.

It is a great opportunity for the residents of Canada to experience quality rest and sleep every night by having a healthy & comfortable mattress with factory direct pricing. All PerfectDreamer Mattresses will be produced in Canadian factories, by Canadian workers in Calgary, Toronto & Montreal.

The Master Licensee for Canada is none other than the CEO of the company, Rez Vafa. The company has decided to offer its product to all Canadian consumers through a network of Independent & Local Canadian entrepreneurs, as opposed to the mattress chains that are spending millions of dollars on deceptive advertising. Mr. Vafa stated that “they will have a minimum of one hundred shops located in all provinces of Canada, making their products available across the country.

Licenses are currently being offered in United Kingdom, Australia & the Middle East.

About PerfectDreamer

PerfectDreamer is the premier value brand when it comes to mattresses in the United States. This company manufactures and supplies the market with exceptional quality and prices for adults and children

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