SYOPTEK Brought New Range of Fiber Optic Cleaners for Industrial Use in Fighting Contamination

SYOPTEK International, also known as Syoptek, recently launched fiber optic cleaners of different types to help industrial workers in fighting contamination in fiber optics.


The owners said that the different types of cleaners are all tested and tried on industrial-grade optics and the cleaning tools, especially the one click cleaner, are really effective in fighting contamination in fiber optic networks.

“The biggest threat, if we say, to fiber optic networks is contamination. Clean fiber optic component materials are really needed for smooth operation of the entire network. Unfortunately, many industrial workers fail to give adequate attention to fiber optic cleaning, which in turn cause connector failure and many more issues”, said a fiber optic networking expert who is also a part of the SYOPTEK management. “Our fiber optic tools are cost-effective and these tools can reduce downtime and network outage to a great extent”, he said while talking to the press.

At present, SYOPTEK manufactures and sells industry-grade products divided into six different categories that are passive components, fiber optic cleaning tools, fiber optic tools, fiber optic tester, and fiber optic cleaning kit.

“Fiber optic cleaner and fiber optic tool kits are now high in demand. We plan to exhibit our newest products in trade shows in China and around the world”, said a top manager of SYOPTEK. “Our aim is to spread awareness about our products and the latest products as well. We will soon participate in a couple of trade shows in the second quarter of this financial year”, added the key executive of the China based fiber optic cleaning tools manufacturer that has factories in Xiamen and Shenzhen, China.

According to the company, the latest inclusions in the long line of products are all made in compliance with the ISO 9001:2008 specifications and guidelines. “We know that there’s a constant demand for ISO certified products and we never compromise on quality of component materials so as to meet the specifications”, said a sales officer. He even indicated that his company would soon slash down the prices of a few products to meet the rising demand.

About the Company

SYOPTEK International Company is a leading manufacturer of fiber optic tools and tool kits.

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