IVF Sunrise Now Practices Effective Infertility Programs in Russia

IVF Sunrise has reported the efficacy of their infertility treatment programs in Russia.

IVF Sunrise has reported the efficacy of their infertility treatment programs in Russia. The choice of the program depends upon a long list of factors, including the problem that needs consideration, the potential ways out, the health condition and age of a client, legal issues, the procedures offered and other issues the company tries to discuss with each and every client in order to provide the top notch assistance on time.

IVF Sunrise is a renowned surrogacy agency, which is located in the Russian Federation. This fact, however, does not prevent the company from getting worldwide popularity due to the high results they have achieved and the level of servicing they provide. The company has 6 years of experience, over 100 successful egg donation programs and more than 150 surrogacy programs that have already resulted in the births of healthy babies, who have made their parents the happiest in the world.

The company employs talented, experienced and knowledgeable specialists, who are ready to guide each client through every stage of a surrogacy program. This is what they tell about their egg donation and surrogate mother agency: “Having a baby is a dream of many people, which cannot always come true. Our specialists are ready to offer on time help and give hope to people in those situations, when other doctors just shrug their shoulders. Here, at IVF Sunrise, we aim at achieving the best results in each individual situation with the only purpose – to help our international clients become happy parents of healthy babies”.

The agency has already reported high rates of healthy clinical pregnancies that were the result of different programs. As of today, IVF Sunrise is ready to offer in vitro fertilization services, comprehensive surrogate motherhood programs, egg donation, frozen shipping service, preimplantation genetic diagnosis, family balancing services and even surrogacy for single men. They also ensure 24/7 support of surrogate mothers, helping them and the company’s clients undergo every stage of the program with minimum effort and stress.

The team of experienced, devoted, responsible and skilled professionals, working for the agency uses advanced methods of treatment and diverse infertility programs. The company has already distinguished itself as one of the leaders in the surrogacy business. They offer free consultations to the international clients from Indonesia, Australia, USA, European Union, Canada, China etc., who wish to find out more about the range of services the company offers, personalized solutions with regard to the situation a client finds himself/herself in, legal support, guidance and even money-back guarantee in case a client has completed 3 embryo transfer attempts during one year without any successful pregnancy followed.

About the Company:

IVF Sunrise is a leader in providing high quality and efficient surrogacy services for international clients. The agency is based in Russia and offers a wide range of services, including egg donation, surrogate motherhood, preimplantation genetic diagnosis, surrogacy for single men, in vitro fertilization services and more. All the programs the company offers are 100% legal, safe and reliable. The agency employs talented and skilled professionals, who are the experts in the business and are eager to offer individual approach to each client with regard to the specific personal factors.

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