For Women’s Health Inc. has launched their Pure Yacon Syrup for weight loss on Amazon

For Women’s Health Inc. has launched their Pure Yacon Syrup brand on Amazon and are doing a 50% off sale.

Their Pure Yacon Syrup is made in USA, in an FDA approved facility and a recent study done on 55 women who took their yacon syrup for 4 months, has shown that it causes a weight loss of 8 pounds per month, with almost no effort.

Their organic yacon syrup can be bought on a 50% off sale in this link:

For Women’s Health has decided to start selling Yacon Syrup on Amazon 5 months ago, when Rick, the general manager has seen a show done by a famous doctor in which the yacon syrup was presented as a weight loss syrup.

Rick, bought a stock of 100 bottles from his suppliers and started testing the syrup on his family and friends. After a few months, all his family started to feel amazing. They all had more energy and have lost between 4 and 11 pounds in the first 3 weeks.

When Rick saw how great their Yacon Syrup is for losing weight, he decided to buy 1000 units and start selling them on Amazon, and because they are selling them with a 50% discount, they have sold over 700 units in the first few days.

Because their Yacon Syrup is on a 50% OFF sale, it is the cheapest Yacon Syrup from Amazon and Rick has teamed up with a top weight loss couch from Hawaii, Aline Pilani and all people who buy their yacon syrup on Amazon, get for free, Aline’s weight loss program, consisting of workouts videos, a weight loss manual and a meal plan.

One of their clients, has recorded her progress and how she lost 15 pounds in a month, taking yacon syrup daily. Her Yacon Syrup review can be watched in this link

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For Women’s Health is a top health and wellness Amazon seller, with over 4 of their products being top sellers in their category. Recently they started selling their Yacon syrup, a weight loss syrup that has been a great seller on Amazon.

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