Beverly Wilshire Hotel Florist Empty Vase Creates Luxury Arrangements as Preferred Florist for Beverly Wilshire Hotel

Empty Vase, a premium Beverly Wilshire hotel florist has announced that it is now offering its service to Beverly Hills and all surrounding areas.


This announcement came as a reaction to the loud outcry by local Los Angeles residents for a premier floral destination. The Beverly Wilshire hotel florist has largely been recognized as a leader in the industry thanks to its breathtaking arrays of floral arrangements.

The Beverly Wilshire hotel florist boasts some of the most upscale clients and leaders of the community as their clientele. Hollywood’s elite have been known to use the Beverly Wilshire hotel florist for special occasions, including weddings and anniversaries. Their creations have been placed on social media by many of Hollywood’s most prominent figures. Their arrangements have been used at some of Hollywood’s most exclusive events, creating a reputation for the brand that unsurpassed by the competition.

Empty Vase, the Beverly Wilshire hotel florist has utilized some breathtaking arrangements to establish its reputation among Los Angeles residents as a premier Beverly Wilshire hotel florist. Their designs are part of the vision of their CEO, who has an architecture background and who incorporates his background into each floral arrangement, making each arrangement breathtakingly beautiful in as singularly amazing way.

About Empty Vase

Empty Vase has built a name as the premier spot for floral arrangement in the Los Angeles community. Conveniently found in the core of the greater Los Angeles, the florist is easily accessible throughout southern California. For more information about their services, look at their website at or call 310.278.1988.

Media Contact:
Company Name: Empty Vase
Phone Number: 310.278.1988
Address: West Hollywood, CA


Los Angeles, CA,
United States


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