China YaRui Chemical Launched Eco Friendly Diethyl toluene diamine Products

China - China YaRui Chemical, a research and manufacturing company that specializes in producing export-quality high-quality chemical products, recently launched laboratory-made low-toxicity Diethyl toluene diamine (DETDA) and Triethyl Phosphate products. The Dimethyl Thio-Toluene Diamine, Diethyl Toluene Diamine, and Triethyl Phosphate solvents that the company recently formally launched are all used as raw materials for pesticides and also as plasticizers. The owners said that they have religiously followed the international specifications are fit for industrial use.


"We have explained the entire process of production for all the solvents and interested ones can read the process and know more about the solvents before sending us enquiries. These solvents can offer very different sets of benefits. For example, the Diethyl Toluene Diamine can improve the hydrolysis resistance and strength of polyurethane products. The complex structure of the chemical solvents make them fit for industrial application and usage. The chemical products can also be used as pesticide intermediaries, which is another great advantage of choosing these solvents ", said a product expert who also answers technical queries on behalf of the agency.

China YaRui Chemical or Zhang Jia Gang YaRui Chemical Co. Ltd has its factory in Jiangsu Province of China. The owners said that they are looking to open new manufacturing units apart from the current one which covers an area of 100 acres. They said that they believe in continuous expansion and want to spread their brand name and the bespoke products and services further afield.

"Entering the overseas market for Dimethyl Thio-Toluene Diamine or Triethyl Phosphate is the primary challenge before us at this moment", commented the CEO of the China based research and manufacturing firm. "However, we are not neglecting the Chinese domestic market. In fact, our biggest strength is our domestic market and we do not want to lose our focus from the thriving domestic market. We believe that the solvents that we have recently launched and now aggressively promoting would be extremely popular among phosphate flame retardant manufacturers, both in Chinese domestic market and overseas markets ", he added during a press conference.

About the Company

Zhang Jia Gang YaRui Chemical Co. Ltd is a China based manufacturer of industry-grade solvents.

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