New Horizon Car Title Loans Brought Easy-to-Get Car Title Loans for All and Sundry

New Horizon Car Title Loans, a car title loan agency in San Diego, recently announced that loan applicants need not pay any hidden charges from now on. The owners fleshed out their latest offer by announcing that people who would apply for car title loans need not show their credit scores or income statements. All they need to do is to give their car titles to the loan officers as collaterals and go back home with the cash. The owners also added that their loan officers require the minimum paperwork for putting a seal of approval on loan applications.


A loan officer from New Horizon Car Title Loans recently appeared briefly at a press conference and told that their long-term aim is to make car title loans San Diego as popular as bank loans. “We know there are many people who do not want to trust car title loan agencies and for obvious reasons. There have been cases of spamming and fraud in the past. While car title loans are a great alternative to bank loans, especially for people who are self-employed or unemployed, or have very low credit score, people often think that car title loans are no good for repairing their financing, which is a widespread misconception”, he said while explaining the benefits of car title loans.

The auto title loans San Diego agency was started only a year back with an aim of helping people financially. The loan agency has been promoting car title loans since its inception and has been offering short-term loans to people in distress.

Our car title loans San Diego CA services can be described as a last resort for people with low credit score. Pre-approval of car title loans is done online and borrowers need not to drop in our office until they get a word from us. We will first calculate the conduction of the vehicle and the estimated wholesale value of it before approving a loan. The process is as simple and straightforward as it seems”, said the CEO of New Horizon Car Title Loans.

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New Horizon Car Title Loans is a lending agency based out of San Diego, CA, USA.

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