Lazertouch Mini Projector: No Harm To Eyesight, A Good Helper In Children’s Education

SmartHome has announced Lazertouch Mini Projector, that pays more attention to the health of users and reduce harmless to the lowest. Unlike screen of traditional tablet PC, it is not LCD screen, but a reflected light on surface which user can do operation directly, it is diffuse and indirect illumination and close to natural light, so there is almost no damage to eyesight.


As people become more and more concerned about children’s education, many market segments related were emerged, such as tablet PC. It provide a good solution for their education with its interactive, entertaining features, and parent have no longer to worry about it, but here comes new problem.

Its reported more and more children in China are suffering from poor eyesight, in some area the number of myopia reaches 60%! People are starting to realize the eyesight problems behind the Popularity of tablet PC, the market has become uncertain, But Lazertouch mini projector is an exception.

Lazertouch mini projector can stand on table and projects up to 15-inch projection screen, larger in size than any traditional tablet PCs, the IR pen equipped achieves accuracy writing, which provide children a vivid and effective learning way.

Moreover, Lazertouch mini projector have many more functions. It can also projects up to 150-inch size on much wider surface like wall, curtain etc., its convenient for ideas sharing, discussing and interacting with a group of people. Integrated with android system and abundant education software , it provide kids a more diverse and entertaining ways to learn.

In the age of VR and AR, It successfully integrated with some features VR, AR has. With help of VR and AR you downloaded on the phone, Lazertouch mini projector combine person with virtual screen as one, making kids immersive . Moreover. Lager projection screen is perfect for them to play instrument games like drums or piano.

With portable body, big projection screen and android system, Lazertouch mini projector is more than a good helper for children in study, but also a perfect gadget to entertain adults, such as watching movies, playing games, visiting clients and business meetings. It is best choice for home and business.

In a word: Lazertouch mini projector as kid’s tablet PC, its software can be updated by third party applications in Android system. projection screen is the same to the ones from various electronic devices, But the features that no harm to your eyesight is truly irreplaceable. So when you want to buy a tablet PC, do consider if it does harm to your eye or not, instead of how many Apps it has! Do not make a mistake and let kids eyesight suffer.

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