INMOTION Technologies, Co., Ltd. Launches the Fancy Self-Balanced Vehicle Competition for the Upcoming INMOTION World Carnival 2016

INMOTION Technologies, Co., Ltd. is launching the Fancy Self-Balanced Vehicle Competition for the upcoming INMOTION world carnival 2016.

The competition is open to everyone who has the talent to show other creative ways of riding any of the INMOTION Sensor Controlled Vehicles or models that they have. It is the competition where people will know more about the possible ways of using the vehicle.

Given that more people are using the vehicle for basic transportation purposes, INMOTION is trying to introduce new fun and creative ways of using their INMOTION unicycle and other vehicles to have fun with friends or family. The carnival is where riders can get to know new models from the company and where they can meet other riders who are using their INMOTION Sensor Controlled Vehicles in the most exciting ways possible.

INMOTION is excited to let everyone know of the competition and are already giving out the rules on how to join the competition. It is not only open for individual riders but also by team. Competition venue is located in different countries, which will include national and intercontinental levels. All participants must follow all basic rules and reminders like using only the V series of INMOTION products and wearing of official shirts. Interested applicants can always send an email to the contact person provided to learn more about the competition.

The carnival is set to be a great place for introducing all the products offered by the company, which includes INMOTION SCV, INMOTION Scooter, and INMOTION electric unicycle models. People will gain awareness that there is a new attraction that they can expect from carnival and that is the competition.

INMOTION has been a recognized provider of the most efficient self-balanced vehicles that are used cross the globe. With the competition, the company is expecting to reach more people and entice them to try their products and be one of the regular attendees of the carnival.

To get more information about the upcoming carnival and all about the possible models to use for the competition, do visit their official site at . Those with inquiries can send emails to Ms. Miao at

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