INMOTION Technologies, Co., Ltd. Invites Skilled Riders of Self-Balanced Vehicles to Join the Fancy Self-Balanced Vehicle Competition in the INMOTION World Carnival 2016

INMOTION invited skilled riders of self-balanced vehicles to join the Fancy Self-balanced Vehicle Competition that will be held as part of the INMOTION World Carnival 2016. The competition will showcase the talents of riders who are having fun with using the self-balanced vehicles from the company in the most exciting way possible.

The company has been creating some of the most innovative sensor controlled and self-balanced vehicles that are distributed and used across the globe. However, these vehicles are commonly used as a form of transportation. In the upcoming carnival, INMOTION is aiming to show the world different exciting ways of using their products through the Fancy Self-Balanced Vehicle Competition.

Everyone attending the carnival should expect seeing some of the popular products of the company such as the INMOTION SCV, INMOTION Unicycle, INMOTION Scooter, INMOTION Sensor Controlled Vehicles and INMOTION electric unicycle. To offer something new to the eyes of the regular attendees and to excite everyone, the company is inviting all the skilled riders of their products to participate and compete with other riders in their country in showing off fun ways of using their products. Individual and team participants are invited to join and are required to make a presentation related with the theme of this year’s event.

Through the early announcement of the competition, riders who are interested to participate with the event will have ample time to practice and be as competitive as possible for the event. The competition will be held in different countries and in the respective venues chosen by the representing agency from each country.

The event and competition that INMOTION will host is something to look forward to watching and participating as the prizes are also worth the efforts that participants will give. Interested individuals or teams can contact the company and get to know more of the rules and other concerns regarding the competition.

To obtain more information about the carnival and also the competition, do contact Ms. Miao by sending an email at For those who would like to know more of the vehicles from the V series that should be used in the competition and about the company, feel free to visit their official website at

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