INMOTION Technologies, Co., Ltd. to Showcase the Fun and Excitement of Using their Self-Balanced Vehicles with the Fancy Self-Balanced Competition at the INMOTION World Carnival 2016

INMOTION Technologies, Co., Ltd. will be showcasing the fun and excitement of using their self-balanced vehicles with the Fancy Self-Balanced Competition that is expected as the main event at the INMOTION World Carnival 2016. The competition is considered as the main event in this year’s world carnival as the company is expecting participants from around the world.

Given that INMOTION has its agencies located across the globe, the competition will include a national competition where countries like China, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Russia, America, England, Turkey, Italy, Belgium, Ukraine, France and Norway will be participating. Each country will hold a national championship and winners from each country will be included in the intercontinental competition where online voting will be used.

For the competition, participants will be required to use the different models included in the V series. They can use their own INMOTION units or they can use the ones available in the competition venue. Participants can come in teams of four or they can compete individually. Interested participants can apply either online or offline depending on the agency of each country. Most are recommended to contact the agency in their respective countries to learn the specific rules applying in the national competition.

Through the carnival, attendees will not only get to know the products of INMOTION such as INMOTION SCV, INMOTION Unicycle, INMOTION Scooter and INMOTION Sensor Controlled Vehicles. They can also look forward to watching the competition where participants using the INMOTION electric unicycle models or other vehicles included in the V series can show their unique talents in using the units.

INMOTION is a world renowned manufacturer and provider of wide range of self-balanced vehicles that are known to provide convenience with transportation. The company has its agency in different countries that can help in catering the needs of clients in each country for the products offered and other related concerns.

For more information about the company and all other products that they are offering, go to their official site at For those with inquiries about the competition or would like to get more information on the application process, feel free to email and contact Ms. Miao.

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