Target-Hydraulics Develops a New Wireless Remote For Their Mini Hydraulic Power Pack

Target-Hydraulics introduced a new wireless remote for mini Hydraulic Power Packs.

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This comes after the company had introduced two set small hydraulic power packs — for DC motors and AC motors.

“The wireless remote control system is a new generation of mini hydraulic power pack systems designed for all types of industrial environments and machineries. You can use it: in transmission systems, mining machinery, DC hydraulic power units, electric doors and grinding machinery, just to mention a few applications,” said Dominic Wang, Target-hydraulics product manager. “When you buy our wireless remote system guarantees: accuracy, humanized design and excellent performance. It is also waterproof and dustproof.”

Apparently, Target-hydraulics is one the first Chinese company to integrate the wireless remote technology in the mini hydraulic power pack.

Features of wireless remote for mini Hydraulic Power Pack (WRCP12)

Target-hydraulics introduced a versatile equipment with the following key features and functionalities:

1. Operating temperature of -35 ~+80.
2. Working current of 20mA
3. Working voltage of 9V
4. Power transmission of 10dBm
5. Operating frequency of 315MHz
6. Inbuilt antenna
7. Remote distance of 200 meters or 650ft
8. Dimension 70 by 30 by 120 mm
9. Weight: 160 grams
10. Waterproof grade IP65
11. Power saver circuit
12. Easy installation
13. Visual indicator showing remote operation

Speaking at the main factory in Zhejiang, China, Dominic Wang said that product resellers and distributors can order for the wireless remote mini Hydraulic Power Packs from the main factory. Both ODM and OEM can also place their orders any time from now.

Target-hydraulics has also designed a unique, wireless remote control receiver. The gadget has been tested and certified to meet the desired performance criteria. This mini Hydraulic Power Pack receiver has the following key features and functionalities:

1. Highly sensitive
2. Two way non-power contact output
3. Plastic shell
4. Zero interference
5. Adaptable for most applications — automatic control, motor control, security systems, etc.
6. Safe and reliable
7. Working frequency — 315MHz/433MHz
8. Supply voltage: 12V DC - 24V DC - 12V AC
9. Static current — less than 7.5mA
10. Contact capacity — 8A/250VAC 10A/28VDC
11. Control modes — interlocking and self-locking

“With our new WRCP12, we aim to revolutionize how people interact with various machines. Unlike the traditional systems where one had to be physically present to control the hydraulic system, you can do all these operations while 200 meters away,” said Dominic Wang. “Target-hydraulics’ new control system aims to improve efficiency and it does not undermine the overall performance of our mini Hydraulic Power Pack. The motor will still run and pressure oil from hydraulic cylinder just like the case of manual mechanism.”

The data sheet of the new wireless remote for the mini Hydraulic Power Pack is available on Target-hydraulics official website.

Target-hydraulics mini Power Packs were rated No. 1 early this year. This was due to their exemplary performance, quality, adaptability and reliability that exceeds other products of the same category in the market. The main product specification includes:

1. Oil port thread — BSPP1/4” or BSPP3/8”
2. Wireless remote control
3. Motor specification — DC12V/24V, 500W/800W and 3200RPM
4. Gear pump specification — 0.19cc/r to 2.0cc/r
5. Voltage - DC12V or DC24V
6. Working pressure — 30bar to 210 bar, though, it's normally set at 170bar
7. Mounting position — horizontal or vertical
8. Reservoir volume — 0.8L to 3.2L
9. Flow L/M — 0.45L to 6.3L

The wireless remote transmitter and receiver meet the internationally accepted standards for wireless communication systems. There is neither loss of signal nor transmission errors reported.

Being a pilot project, Target-hydraulic product manager Dominic Wang has also promised that the company will be introducing more wireless remote communication systems. This will mainly target their mini Hydraulic Power Pack that was sold without the wireless communication system.

About Target-Hydraulics

Target-Hydraulics is the premier manufacturer of hydraulic cartridge valve manifold blocks and mini hydraulic power pack units. The company has two manufacturing facilities in Ningbo, China. They design and developed hydraulic systems with both SolidWorks and AutoCAD. This is for both ODM and OEM clients. These hydraulic systems are used in electric straddle stackers, hydraulic power units, scissor lifts, tipping trailers and custom hydraulic systems.



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