RFIDHY’s NFC Tag Gives Instant Access to Information about Landmark, Services, Products and People

RFIDHY, a trusted company that manufactures and supplies RFID tags, cards, inlays and reader modules, start to offer NFC tags that give users immediate access to information about landmarks, services, products and people.

The closest relative of NFC is RFID or radio frequency identification. NFC readers can work at a maximum range of 10 centimeters or 4 inches. With their short range, NFC readers are not suitable for monitoring shipments and inventory supplies. NFC tags can be seen in promotional items and different products where pieces of digitized information might be needed. NFC stickers, NFC wristband and NFC label can be found in NFC products. RFIDHY’s NFC tags can also be enclosed in hang tags, keyfobs and other items.

NFC tags can be encoded in small numbers through an NFC-enabled phone. Inside an NFC tag is a small microchip that has a small amount of memory. NFC-based communication involves the use of an NFC card and a card reader. The card reader produces radio frequency field within the 13.56 MHz frequency which can communicate with the card that can either power itself using the RF waves produced by the reader or self-powered. This allows the card to be either passive or active. In the passive mode, the NFC card will be powered when it connects with an active NFC reader. In the active mode, both devices can be involved in active data transfers.

NFC is more secure compared to other wireless connectivity protocols like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth since a connection can be formed only if the two devices are near each other. This reduces the risk of hacking by third parties. Companies dealing with money transactions can benefit from NFC tags. Since NFC is more intuitive, it’s suitable for transactions such as money transfers and ticketing. It only needs the reader and the card to be brought near each other. NFC is more secure and can be used as the authentication and identification process for a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection to ensure higher data transfer speeds.

RFIDHY hopes that their NFC tags will make things easier for individuals and businesses. All NFC stickers, wristbands and labels offered by the company are carefully crafted to meet everyone’s exact needs.

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