RFIDHY’s RFID Wind Shield Tag Start to Provide a More Secure and Accurate Way of Accessing Different Locations

The company RFID announced that their windshield tags are now available on its official website.

RFIDHY’s RFID windshield tag provides a more secure and accurate way of accessing different locations such as company secured parking lot and gated communities. The specialized inlay uses passive technology and is encased between thin polypropylene layers. A windshield-compatible adhesive is added to one side and human readable printing to the other.

The company’s RFID windshield tags are now available on its official website. The eTag uses passive RFID UHF technology, providing users with a more affordable option to get an active windshield label. The inlay doesn’t need a standoff to read on or through a glass windshield. Drivers can also get tamper-evident option with tactically positioned adhesive layers and slits in the label. There are specialty RFID labels that use sub-surface printing in which the printed media features a protective cover. The label itself needs to be destroyed in order to eliminate the copy from a car windshield sticker.

It can be hard to control vehicle access to separate locations. With an RFID windshield tag, stopping for a reader or hiring on-site staff can be eliminated. The destructible option also uses tactically positioned slits to prevent removing the tag from the windshield without destroying it. This prevents unsolicited tag transfer to unapproved vehicles. Before, drivers need to pull up to the reader placed a few feet away from the door or gate and hold their RFID tag close to it in order for the door or gate to open or close. Now, they don’t even need to roll down their windows to gain access to a parking location. RFIDHY offers windshield tags that can be read from a distance. This way, drivers don’t need to roll down their window to ensure that the tag is read by the reader. They can also find long distance windshield tags. There are RFID windshield tags that are optimized to give wider read angles. The tags come with special features for maximum use and security such as UV protection and special adhesive to ensure that it won’t come off.

RFID windshield tags have many uses. These can be used in electronic vehicle identification for car registration, security, border crossing, fuelling, parking, tolling, access control, dealer or warranty systems and fleet management.

RFIDHY offers their tags at reasonable prices. The company hopes that more individuals will find this technology beneficial and suitable for their needs.

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