Suzhou Zhonge Apparel Accessories Co. Ltd Adopted New Strategies to Increase Export of Drapery Interlining Fabric

While Chinese textile exports falling for the first time in 6 years has disquieted to manufacturers and exporters, one Chinese manufacturer of drapery interlinings recently announced a host of plans to increase export.


The owners called a press conference and announced a host of plans for the ongoing financial year. The expressed hope that the newly adopted strategies will help them in boosting sales both in domestic market and overseas markets.

“It is a sad truth that China’s textile exports dropped slightly in 2015. However, the market has shown signs of recovering and we are quite hopeful that the apparel accessories industry, which is actually an ancillary industry to the garment manufacturing industry, won’t be affected. Besides, we have adopted some new strategies to beat domestic and international competition”, said an export officer of Suzhou Zhonge Apparel Accessories Co. Ltd. He also indicated that they might open new sales offices abroad in 2016.

“At present, we have a vast domestic and international sales network. We now export to Eastern European countries, Central Asia, UK, US and Canada, Australia and South Africa. Our workers have highly sophisticated sewing skills, and the markets for drapery interlining are continuously expanding. We are now following a lean manufacturing model, where highly skilled labors and sophisticated technologies help in making high-value garment accessories within a short time. Besides, we are also planning to revise our pricing strategy so as to get more contracts from our overseas buyers”, told the CEO of the company in a recent press conference.

Suzhou Zhonge Apparel Accessories Co. Ltd, which has its manufacturing facility in Suzhou, west of Shanghai, managed to secure huge profit in the past financial year. “We are going to set our prices more strategically in this financial year. We hope that we can meet the precise needs of the apparels manufacturing industry with our specialty products”, the CEO told before signing off during a press conference held at the Suzhou office of the manufacturers.

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Suzhou Zhonge Apparel Accessories Co. Ltd specializes in manufacturing drapery interlining fabric.

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