Function and technology are wrapped into intelligent Airwheel S9 robot on wheels

The Airwheel artificial intelligence robot S9 comes as a sensation to the whole sector and the market for electric scooter. Airwheel S9 integrates function and technology. In the sector of electric scooter, AI technology gets its first try-out in Airwheel two-wheeled self-balancing robot S9.

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The AI technology enriches the functions of S9 in return. When Airwheel S9 was unveiled in the Airwheel booth, numerous visitors were allured by Airwheel S9. Many of them came up for consulting about details about Airwheel S9.

Once AI technology was introduced to Airwheel S9, Airwheel was left ahead of time and other peers in the market for electric scooter. AI technology came up many years ago, however it was put into practice these years. In order to keep abreast of the time, Airwheel invested energy and money in R & D of AI technology. And fortunately it was successful in developing AI technology electric scooter S9. The artificial intelligence robot S9 represents the most advanced technology in the market for electric scooter.

From the functional perspective, Airwheel intelligence service robots S9 can smoothly avoid obstacle in front of it. What's more, it is equipped with the intelligent chip. The intelligent chip enables Airwheel S9 to make an optimal route itself. Airwheel claimed that a number of external devices will be developed later on. With these external devices, Airwheel S9 can realise more functions such as cleaning up floors.

Airwheel S9 is a concept product, but it shows a great relevance to the whole sector. These technology used in Airwheel S9 are likely to apply to other future products. For beginners, the function of automatically avoiding obstacles will protect them from hurt. Although they have a way of falling off Airwheel electric self-balancing scooters, the function will lower the probability of falling off. This goes a long way towards enhance the customer base of Airwheel.

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