Jared Londry Announces Publication of Article Detailing Best Practices in Commercial Real Estate

Jared Londry is announcing the release of a new article in which he offers his expert insight into the best practices associated with commercial real estate transactions.

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Londry, a native of Charlotte who earned his MBA from the Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia, has earned praise from industry peers for his principal involvement in a number of multi-million dollar commercial real estate transactions, including the $39.5-million sale of three Fort Mill, South Carolina, office buildings.

In the new publication made available by Londry, the Cushman & Wakefield associate vice president offers details regarding the effort that goes into brokering deals the magnitude of the Fort Mill transaction while also discussing some of the common issues that tend to arise during such transactions. In addition to providing remarkably detailed insight into the Fort Mill transaction, Londry also discusses several other multi-million dollar sales with which he was involved, including the $7.4-million sale of the Accenture Credit Services Building in South Charlotte, as well as several others of similar value.

“In releasing the information provided in this article, it is my hope that the parties involved in any commercial real estate transaction are able to become better informed regarding the inner workings of this process and are thus able to achieve an outcome that is wholly beneficial,” said Londry. “I plan to publish similar articles in the future, and I believe that it is absolutely critical for anyone in a position similar to mine to do everything within his or her power to contribute to the improvement of the commercial real estate industry in any way possible.”

About Jared Londry

Jared Londry is an associate vice president at Cushman & Wakefield, where he focuses on capital markets and also serves as an investment advisor. A native of Charlotte, North Carolina, Londry is a graduate of NC State and holds an MBA from the Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia.



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