Jared Londry Offers Expert Insight on Changing Factors Influencing Commercial Real Estate Market

Jared Londry recently weighed in on commercial real estate brokerage practices concerning the factors typically having the greatest degree of influence on a property’s overall value.

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In a recently published article, commercial real estate expert Jared Londry weighed in on the many changing factors influencing the commercial real estate market and how brokers can effectively leverage those factors to the benefit of the clients they represent. Londry, who has represented sellers in transactions ranging up to $39.5 million and is considered one of the top producers in the Carolinas, recently offered his industry peers a detailed look into the approach that has contributed to his impressive professional ascent.

Discussing a wide range of subjects in the article, Londry discussed how commercial real estate brokers evaluate and identify the factors most likely to influence the total value of a property, with a particular focus on the different ways in which buyers may perceive the value associated with certain property features. Citing musicians as a particularly effective example, Londry noted that it is sometimes necessary to be reminded of the fact that what one potential buyer considers a drawback may be a major selling point for another.

“I think it’s fairly understood that the value of any commercial property is mostly going to be influenced by market demand and the potential for generating income, but that does not mean that brokers should ignore other factors that may influence value — perceived or otherwise,” said Londry. “It’s been my experience that a detail-oriented approach in this regard quite often results in added value when representing a seller in a commercial real estate property transaction.”

About Jared Londry

A graduate of North Carolina State University who holds an MBA from the Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia, Mr. Londry has represented sellers in countless multi-million dollar commercial real estate transactions approaching $40 million.



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