Newsbox Says "Revolyn" Is a Scam

The news that "Revolyn", a slimming product, is a scam is revealed by and this news may benefit those who are about to zero in on the product for shedding the excess fat on their body. points out that every year, new slimming products enter the market and all the manufacturers who bring out these products proclaim from the roof-tops that their products are the best. This causes disillusionment in the minds of the buyers, says the site. They continue to add that new products have entered the market this year also.

The site emphatically asserts that the new product " Revolyn" is not an exception because makers of the product are adopting the same old cheaters' technique for taking consumers for a ride. They further add that there is nothing new in Revolyn because it was Nuvoryn till last year. The manufacturer of the product has changed the name of the product from Nuvoryn in Revolyn due to the negative publicity to Nuvoryn.

This means Revolyn is the new label but it contains the same contents. In other words, the manufacturer of the product has adopted cheap tricks to hoodwink the consumers. points out at the manufacturer referencing about Sinetrol that is present in the product and according to the manufacturer, Sinetrol speeds up the weight loss. But laboratory studies show that the drug will not have any positive effect in fat burning even if 10 times of what is present in Revolyn is consumed.

Not only that, Revolyn is being sold at over 50 euros per month which means it is not cheap also. asks if consumers should spend such huge money for ineffectual capsules like Revolyn. emphatically concludes that they do not recommend Revolyn at all and advises consumers to look for better and alternative products.

About says "Revolyn", a slimming product, is a scam because the product was previously Nuvoryn. Since Nuvoryn got negative publicity, the manufacturer changed the name. The product contains Sinetrol that is said to hasten weightloss. But laboratory studies reveal that even if Sinetrol is consumed in large quantities, it will not reduce the weight. Further, Revolyn is sold at exorbitant prices as well.



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