Fluency Fox Start to Help People Understand Spanish Quickly and Speak the Language Confidently

Spokesperson of Fluency Fox says, that there is good news for those who want to take the Spanish they’ve learned to the next level of fluency. Fluency Fox now can help them in achieving this goal by providing story based listening and speaking practice.

"Take the Spanish you’ve learned and make it the Spanish you’ve always wanted so that you can go beyond a phrase or two and realistically join the conversation with native speakers in less time and with more confidence."

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Fluency Fox is not for everyone. But, for those that want an interactive audio software program designed for people with a beginner background in Spanish that allows them to understand and speak Spanish with native speakers, Fluency Fox works.

“Fluency Fox targets people who have some Spanish knowledge and want to consistently understand native speakers and say more than simple phrases.” Says Marko, CEO of Fluency Fox.

According to Fluency Fox, program participants learn Spanish through enjoyable interactive stories.

Each chapter consists of three distinct sections: The Story Overview, Grammar Structures, and Dialogue. Users choose the section they want to start with based on their learning preference.

Fluency Fox provides the correct amount of comprehensible repetitions for users to understand what native speakers are saying so that they can join in the Spanish conversation in less time and with more confidence.

Those who are ready to take their Spanish to the level of real fluency can have immediate access to the method offered by Fluency Fox and authentically communicate with Spanish speakers. Fluency Fox urges those who are interested to sign up and gain access to a free account.

Simply put, the advanced interactive player software allows users to choose how they interact with the story. They can jump between sections to meet their individual learning needs. Users are in complete control of how they want to respond to the quizzes and questions posed by native speakers. The interactive player has a button to slow the dialogue to improve comprehension. Users can set the loop feature for repeating any part of the story. One click activates on screen English translation subtitles along side the Spanish text. Through the use of these features learners personalize their language acquisition experience.

Fluency Fox provides users with the keys to language learning so that they will understand and speak Spanish with native speakers in a way that was previously thought to be out of reach. Users practice speaking and listening through stories, structured repetitions, English translations, quizzes, and optional vocabulary and grammar lessons.

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Fluency Fox makes it easy for users to learn Spanish anytime, anywhere and on any device.



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