FIT FACE Launches Line of Skin Care Products for Men

Jordan Lindsey, founder and president of FIT FACE, announced the launch of their high-performance skincare products for men.

<p>Sacramento, CA &ndash; Jordan Lindsey, founder and president of <strong><a href="">FIT FACE</a></strong> , announced the launch of their high-performance skincare products for men. The company offers a daily maintenance face cleanser, daily moisturizer, SPF 30 face moisturizer and a post-shave/sun serum for health conscious men, with 10 percent of sales going to support <strong><a href="">Feeding America</a></strong></p> <p>&ldquo;For years and years, men have been offered dumb skincare products full of harmful ingredients, but the active and aware man of today is eating healthy and taking care of his body,&rdquo; said Lindsey. &ldquo;With FIT FACE, he can make sure his face is healthy AND looking its best.&rdquo;</p> <p>FIT FACE offers a clean, no-gimmick line of men&rsquo;s grooming items that promote healthy skin. The advanced maintenance, non-drying daily face cleanser contains healing, nutrient rich seaweed, aloe vera and essential orange oil that removes grime without stripping skin of its natural oils. The non-foaming cleanser aids in balancing pH levels.</p> <p>For those living an active lifestyle, the FIT FACE SPF 30 moisturizer provides protection from UVA and UVB rays with no artificial colors or fragrances. All natural botanicals soothe and nourish skin. The post shave healing serum alleviates inflammation and drying, while providing deep moisturizing. It works to scavenge free radicals that contribute to the aging process and encourages cell rejuvenation.</p> <p>The firm&rsquo;s advanced nutrition daily face moisturizer features collagen, a protein the body makes naturally. Collagen production begins to decline in a man&rsquo;s 20s and 30s and can leave skin with a dull, aged appearance. FIT FACE moisturizer topically replenishes collagen, while antioxidants, mineral and amino acids repairs and strengthens skin. The formulation includes organic sea kelp, jojoba, avocado and pomegranate seed oil to balance and revitalize.</p> <p>FIT FACE also offers a total package that includes each of the company&rsquo;s skincare products in a custom caddy crafted from reclaimed wood, along with free shipping. The FIT FACE line has already won acclaim among athletes, physical therapists, thought leaders and professionals.</p> <p>&ldquo;We invested three years searching for the perfect ingredients and formulas, from rare medicinal plants in New Mexico to cutting edge laboratories in Pennsylvania,&rdquo; said Lindsey.</p> <p>FIT FACE grew out of Lindsey&rsquo;s desire to create a men&rsquo;s skincare line to address the needs of a friend who is a cancer survivor. He discovered that a large majority of products designed for men contained cheap, synthetic, and harmful ingredients. In his research, Lindsey found nothing existed on the market for men who cared about their health and what they placed on their face.</p> <p>The launch of FIT FACE provides men with a complete selection of grooming products specifically designed for today&rsquo;s health conscious male and the unique challenges men face with their skin. Created with organic and natural botanicals from around the globe, the high-performance grooming products enhance overall skin health and appearance.</p> <p>About FIT FACE</p> <p>FIT FACE was developed for the active and aware man who is conscious of his overall health. The line of grooming products utilizes organic and botanic ingredients from nature&rsquo;s bounty for healthy, rejuvenated skin naturally. FIT FACE maintains a presence on <strong><a href="">Facebook</a></strong> , <strong><a href="">Twitter</a></strong> , <strong><a href="">YouTube</a></strong> and <strong><a href="">Instagram</a></strong></p> <p>Media Contact<br /> Jordan Lindsey,&nbsp;Founder<br /> FIT FACE<br /> Phone: 888-545-5311<br /> Email:<br /> Website: <strong><a href=""></a></strong></p>


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