Cat Behavior Clinic Unravels Puzzling Pet Mystery

The Cat Behavior Clinic has discovered reasons behind cats defecating outside the litterbox, solving a complex behavior that troubles cat owners.

<p>Cat owners have long been troubled by certain behaviors, and Mieschelle Nagelschneider of The Cat Behavior Clinic has solved the perplexing issue of cats defecating outside their litter boxes. Through groundbreaking research at the clinic, the Harvard-trained animal behaviorist has discovered that the issue does not arise from the litter box itself, but from other factors. &ldquo;Cats will defecate outside the litterbox for a number of complex reasons,&rdquo; Mieschelle says. &ldquo;Without a treatment plan and an in-depth consultation, animal caregivers will continue to be frustrated by this issue.&rdquo; This puzzling mystery is related to the cat&rsquo;s natural territorial behaviors, but includes other concerns like social tension between cats and even aversions to scents contained within popular brands of cat litter. Mieschelle&rsquo;s research has led her to a multi-step solution called &ldquo;The Nagelschneider Method&rdquo;, and it is one that has received many favorable remarks from clients who have overcome litterbox issues using her valued advice. To learn more about this topic, visit <strong><a href=""></a></strong></p> <p>Mieschelle studied animal cognition at Harvard University and spent several years as a veterinary assistant before embarking on a rewarding career consulting with cat owners from around the world. Her work has been instrumental in helping many cat owners find solutions to difficult behavior issues in her twenty year career. She has also authored the groundbreaking domestic feline behavior book entitled The Cat Whisperer, a best-seller on Amazon. In her 20 year career, Mieschelle has consulted with celebrities, spoken at many conferences, and appeared in dozens of news media publications and broadcasts. She is currently the spokesperson for Arm &amp; Hammer cat litter products.</p> <p>The Cat Behavior Clinic is located in Portland, Oregon, consults with pet owners from around the globe, and offers consultations for a variety of cat behavior problems. She is often referred to by specialty veterinarians who appreciate the unique insights she brings to pet ownership as a classically-trained behaviorist. Mieschelle is a professional member of the Association of Animal Behavior Professionals and other professional organizations. The Clinic will continue to offer innovative research and comprehensive action plans to help pet owners reach common ground with their feline companions. To learn more about Mieschelle, visit <strong><a href=""></a></strong></p> <p>About:</p> <p>Harvard-trained animal behaviorist Mieschelle Nagelschneider founded The Cat Behavior Clinic in 1999 to help clients with pet behavior problems. This unique organization is dedicated to both researching and solving cat behavior issues, performing groundbreaking work with the compassion and care that brings peace to both cats and their caregivers. Mieschelle is nationally known for her work and has appeared on numerous television programs and international publications. She has also consulted on hundreds of veterinarian referrals.</p> <p>Source: <strong><a href=""></a></strong></p> <p>Contact:<br /> The Cat Behavior Clinic<br /> 16400 Pacific Coast Highway<br /> Huntington Beach, CA 92649<br /> United States<br /> 1-541-728-6369<br /><br /> <strong><a href=""></a></strong></p>


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