Rice’s Lucky Clover Honey Continues to Expand

Rice Family Raw & Unfiltered Honey Local Florida Variety Now Available at 34 Sam’s Club locations in Florida.

<p><img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-2551" src="" alt="haleyhammerling1" width="184" height="179" /></p> <p>Greeley, CO &ndash; Founded in 1924 by L.R. Rice, Rice&rsquo;s Lucky Clover Honey is a family-owned company and a leading producer of the highest quality raw and unfiltered honey in the U.S. Today, Rice&rsquo;s Lucky Clover Honey has announced that Rice Family Raw &amp; Unfiltered Local Florida variety is now available at 34 Sam&rsquo;s Club locations in Florida. Rice Family Local Florida Variety is locally harvested in the state of Florida, and the company has nurtured long-standing relationships with beekeeper families, allowing for quality U.S. honey to be packed in every bottle.</p> <p>Retailing at $11.28 at Sam&rsquo;s Club locations in Florida, Rice Family Local Florida Honey offers the highest quality of honey available on the market, locally-sourced, and completely raw and unfiltered. Today, most of the honey on the market is processed, robbing it of its nutritional value. All of Rice&rsquo;s Lucky Clover Honey products are raw and unfiltered, making them high in antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, and full of vitamins and minerals.</p> <p>&ldquo;We are thrilled to offer members the locally harvested Rice Family Local Florida Honey at Sam&rsquo;s Club locations in Florida. Our company first began in 1924 where we sold our products door to door in Northern Colorado, and it&rsquo;s great to see this expansion happen&rdquo; says Ronna Rice, CEO of Rice&rsquo;s Lucky Clover Honey. &ldquo;We are excited that our products are now available to our customers in Florida offering high quality, premium, raw, and unfiltered honey at affordable prices.&rdquo;</p> <p>For a full list of products, and locations visit our site here: <strong><a href=""></a></strong></p> <p><strong>About Rice&rsquo;s Lucky Honey:</strong></p> <p>L.R. Rice founded Rice&rsquo;s Lucky Clover Honey headquartered in Greeley, Colorado, in 1924. This women-owned, family operated company, now in its 5th generation, remains a leading producer of authentic, high quality, raw, and unfiltered honey. The company&rsquo;s honey is 100% pure, local United States, raw and unfiltered honey.</p> <p>Rice&rsquo;s Lucky Clover Honey has generated significant brand equity through its commitment to producing high quality, premium, raw, and unfiltered honey at affordable prices.</p> <p>Contact:<br /> Stacey Bender / Haley Hammerling<br /> Bender Group<br /> (973)744-0707<br /></p>


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