Fort Engineering brings Security and Reliability to homes

Bedfordshire Homes and Offices have been enjoying the peace of their minds since 20 years with security doors and windows installed with the purpose of offering 100% security.

<p>Bedfordshire, UK - Bedfordshire Homes and Offices have been enjoying the peace of their minds since 20 years with security doors and windows installed with the purpose of offering 100% security. The Luton based Fort Engineering Limited had its Engineering Head, Remis sharing his thoughts and insights on the value of service during the recent Press Release.</p> <p>&ldquo;Quick and proper installation is mandatory,&rdquo; remarks the Head of Engineering, &ldquo;and we excel in that.&rdquo; It is not to be argued that how important the security in homes and offices is, where breaking into the basic establishments are children&rsquo;s play. Usually the businesses refrain from security installation because of the complexity and time involved in completing the process. Fort Engineering deals with the problem amicably. How? The business has highly efficient machinery assisting in quick production of doors and windows, which are then installed through compliant standard methods. Doors are resilient and adequately high to offer needed protection. Windows are bullet proof, right to be installed even in the locker rooms. The company also deals with installation of panic rooms, demand for which has inclined based on changing environmental and security needs.</p> <p>According to Mr. Remis, &ldquo;Designs for security doors and windows is really important to us.&rdquo; Based on the facility and the requirement of an establishment, the company dedicates time in designing the doors which can suffice the business or domestic needs. &ldquo;We use premium quality ONLY for both, our designs and our manufacturing,&rdquo; adds the head of engineering. Essentially, it is the quality of materials used to manufacture the shielding which guarantees the level of protection a security door or a window can offer. Threat and damage, the two important hazards against which the design and installation of security frame is aimed, are thoroughly tested under various conditions. Each product is exposed to several sources anticipated to cause damage during the testing phase, and is installed only after the unit passes the testing criterion.</p> <p>Are the products certified? &ldquo;Yes. Each one of them,&rdquo; answers Mr. Remis confidently. &ldquo;Local authorities and third party certifying agencies have their individual methods of testing carried on the units randomly selected.&rdquo; In a way, it is the process that benefits both the business and the client in getting reassured about the quality of product. &ldquo;We are updated with Compliance standards, which is a primary reason that we beat the competition,&rdquo; adds the Engineering Head.</p> <p>Business has already proved its credibility by serving across London and the neighbourhood counties for over 20 years. Fort Engineering has an established portfolio of known businesses as the clients for which the long term contracts testify service standards. Company takes pride in offering highest quality services at affordable prices and serves both domestic and commercial demands. Bedfordshire therefore need not look far to enhance its security when an affordable security provider shields the walls of homes and offices with durable security doors.</p> <p>Does the business have potential to succeed far? Time may decide the future course, however, the company appears serious on its take on offering security and affordability combined.</p> <p>MEDIA CONTACT<br /> Contact Person: Remis<br /> Phone: +44 (0) 1582 592 541<br /> Mobile: +44 (0) 7867 430012<br /> Bramingham Business Park, Enterprise Way, Luton, LU3 4BU, United Kingdom<br /><br /> <strong><a href=""></a></strong></p>


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