Tax Writer Reveals Discount Coupon Code for TurboTax 2016

A discount coupon code of up to $20, covering all editions of TurboTax 2016, is now accessible via and covered in an article by Tax Preparation Examiner Frank Ellis.

<p>A TurboTax 2014 discount coupon code, for up to $20 off on all editions of the software, is available, according to a new article written by Frank Ellis, a Traverse City Tax Preparation Examiner and author. The discount can be found online for the duration of this year&rsquo;s tax season. TurboTax 2014 online supports e-filing and comes in five editions, depending on the needs of the user. All five of these are eligible for the discount now on the website.</p> <p>While TurboTax comes in a free edition for first-time filers and students, for example, users at any level now have a cost-saving advantage. The software enables people to import their W-2 income data. It also asks questions and fills in the proper forms one needs to file their taxes correctly.</p> <p>Five versions are covered under the current discount offer. TurboTax Basic Edition offers step-by-step help, free e-filing, plus the help of experts by chat or phone. The deluxe edition enables the inclusion of deductions and provides guidance for those going through common life changes. A premier version is designed for those who have investments, rental properties, and looking to boost IRA savings.</p> <p>Small business owners can also take advantage of the price discount. Business owners and sole proprietors can make use of this version to get the most out of their small business tax, vehicle, and other tax deductions. It also provides tools for calculating and reporting depreciation to the IRS. The TurboTax 2014 year end discount coupon can be used on all editions, so those in any situation can take advantage.</p> <p>To benefit from this limited-time offer, click on the &ldquo;Save up to $20&rdquo; link on the site and follow the instructions. The discount is available until the end of tax season 2014.</p> <p>Visit <strong><a href=""></a></strong> for more information and to receive up to $20 off on any edition of TurboTax 2014.</p> <p>About Frank Ellis</p> <p>Frank Ellis is a Traverse City Tax Preparation Planner and published author. He has written tax and finance related articles for eight years and has published over 700 articles on the Internet.</p> <p>Contact:<br /> Frank Ellis<br /> National Tax Reports<br /> 945 East 8th Street Suite A,&nbsp;Traverse City, Michigan 49686<br /> Website: <strong></strong></p>


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