New Report Shows How Companies Can Profit From Their Old Computers

Far from posing a major problem for firms recycling could result in an unexpected boost to their CSR and IT budgets.

<p>It has been anticipated that there will come a time in the future when waste will be viewed in a different light. In the next 25 years, waste will not be useless. Instead, it will end up being a great resource. This exact same idea is what led SocialBox.Biz to put together its variety of solutions. They aim to use these services as a method of turning the whole industry on its head and creating a chance for businesses in London to benefit right now.</p> <p>To begin accomplishing that objective, SocialBox Biz is now offering their innovative solutions and services to customers. The services provided by the business can be found in different types such as 'digital recycling' in the digital cloud and &lsquo;physical recycling&rsquo; solutions. Hardware such as servers can be gathered and safe recycling organized by then businesses can slowly move their information into cloud storage reducing their IT hardware expenses.</p> <p> Chairman Peter Paduh commented:</p> <p>"This is an amazing time for recycling. Many businesses are getting it wrong and do not truly measure up to their corporate social responsibility mantras. We can offer a holistic solution where everybody wins through storage or recycling of IT devices, office furniture and documents. There are opportunities for businesses to make a direct impact at the point of collection as well as through our donation and monetizing options. Moreover, through making use of any of our services, there will be an indirect effect as we will be supporting refugees into the UK to end up being financially active as part of our own corporate social responsibility programme."</p> <p>The business makes sure that all these items are provided based upon the standard approach. This really includes the 7 phases with safety and security as the leading priorities.</p> <p>Companies interested in benefiting from the decluttering service offered by the business consisting of the ingenious and practical storage and recycle solutions can take part in their subscription services. The membership covers a lot such as the certificate of collection, recycling, a free yearly collection and more. Numerous membership levels are available for small and large companies to choose from depending upon their needs.</p> <p>Simon Paul, Social Responsibility Development Director at noted:</p> <p>"Office Furniture Storage is also very important because our storage solutions for businesses based in London can reduce costs by using and boost their CSR at the same time as we have pledged to invest majority of profits into initiatives such as helping disadvantaged young people and refugee immigrants to the UK to gain work, and putting computers into homeless shelters and day centers for the elderly.."</p> <p>About SocialBox.Biz</p> <p>SocialBox.Biz is a Social Enterprise - socially-focused business head-quartered in London, United Kingdom.</p> <p>For example the services provided add value to companies by concentrating on helping enterprises become socially accountable and environmentally-friendly via its ingenious, practical and cost effective solution for storage and recycling problems.</p> <p>To know more about the storage and recycle solutions provided by SocialBox.Biz, go to <strong><a href=""></a></strong></p> <p>Contact:<br /> Contact name: Simon Paul<br /> Company: SocialBox.Biz Trading Enterprises Limited<br /> Tel. Number: 0843 289 5722<br /> Fax Number: 0844 357 6703<br /> Address: Harben House, Harben Parade, London NW3 6LH, UK<br /> Email: simonpaul(AT)<br /> Website: <strong><a href=""></a></strong></p>


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