Liquid Alchemy Beverage Launches Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign

Liquid Alchemy Beverage has announced its crowd funding campaign for award winning, gluten free and locally source beverages.

<p>Liquid Alchemy Beverage has announced its crowd funding campaign for award winning, gluten free and locally source beverages.</p> <p>Liquid Alchemy Beverage&rsquo;s mead is a type of wine made through fermenting honey. Like grapes, Mead will vary from semi sweet to dry or fruity to spicy. Honey wine or mead is the oldest kind of alcoholic drink recorded by man, dating back to 5000 BC where it was utilized as a festive drink.</p> <p>The taste of this wine will differ from conventional red wines or white wines. Mead changes in its complexity through altering the kind of honey, the kind of yeast as well as the ingredients used in secondary flavoring. This results in almost endless selection of the wine. Currently, the company utilizes the finest quality honey available and sources many local, organic ingredients for secondary flavoring creating a new craft wine experience unlike any others.</p> <p>Terri and Jeffrey, the owners, have combined their reserved and bought an industrial type space that badly needs complete restoration. The building can be accessed at 28 Brookside Drive Wilmington. Jeffrey and Terri are in the last stages of a lengthy, complex as well as expensive renovation, which has taken lots of changes. As the renovation went on, they found out that they are running low on resources. The combined resources, collateral and bank loan were still not enough to cover the expenses of the ongoing renovation for the production center and tasting room.</p> <p>The two believe that this Kickstarter program, through, is an exceptional way to spread the information about the new business and ask for assistance from their friends, family members and those who are interested in supporting a local, family run business. The company&rsquo;s main objective is to supply Delaware and nearby places with a gluten free and high quality, versatile alcoholic drink.</p> <p>About Liquid Alchemy Beverages</p> <p>Liquid Alchemy Beverage is a new craft winery that produces wine derived from honey. This sets them apart from other wineries that use the more popularly utilized components like rice, grapes and other kinds of fruits.</p> <p>Being the first winery in New Castle County and the primary official meadery, the company&rsquo;s real mission is to let people know that there is a new kind of alcoholic drink that is delicious, versatile and gluten free.</p> <p>For more information about Liquid Alchemy Beverage&rsquo;s products, please feel free to visit <strong><a href=""></a></strong> or call 302-438-0252.</p> <p>Contact:<br />Contact Person: Terri Sorantino / Jeffrey Cheskin<br />Company: Liquid Alchemy Beverages<br />Address: 28 Brookside Drive, Wilmington, DE 19804<br />Contact Information: 302-438-0252<br />Email:<br />WebSite: <strong><a href=""></a></strong></p>


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