YouTube Business Book Written By MCN Founder Reaches Top of Amazon Bestseller Lists

The Lean Channel: YouTube for Entrepreneurs’ has reached become the #7 best-selling video production book on Amazon.

<p>Austin, Texas &ndash; Carey Martell&rsquo;s book &lsquo;The Lean Channel: YouTube for Entrepreneurs&rsquo; ( <strong><a href=""></a></strong> ) published on November 13th 2015 and has already reached the top of the &lsquo;Video Production&rsquo; category best-seller list on Amazon, currently holding the #7 spot.</p> <p>In his book Carey describes the step by step methods he used to guide YouTube channel creators to grow their channels and start their own small production company businesses. The method Carey describes is based on lean startup principles first described by Eric Ries in 2011. When writing his book Carey adapted the model for the YouTube niche.</p> <p>&ldquo;YouTubers are tech entrepreneurs, but they often don&rsquo;t realize it,&rdquo; says Carey Martell. &ldquo;Like all tech startup founders they are using a disruptive technology to build a new kind of business. But YouTubers generally don&rsquo;t seek out business books because it&rsquo;s not always obvious the book will help them. I wrote this book because I wanted to make the advice clear and focused on growing a business producing videos on YouTube. I wrote this book like a college level textbook, complete with chapter quizzes and full color pages.&rdquo;</p> <p>The book retails for the Kindle at $2.99 and paperback at $24.99</p> <p>About the Author:</p> <p>Carey Martell is the Chief Executive Officer of Martell Broadcasting Systems, Inc. He is also the founder of the Power Up TV multi-channel network (acquired by Thunder Digital Media in January 2015). Carey formerly served as the Vice President of Thunder TV, the internet television division of Thunder Digital Media. In the past he has also been the Director of Alumni Membership for Tech Ranch Austin as well as the event organizer for the Austin YouTube Partner monthly meetups. Prior to his role at MBS, Inc. and his career as a video game developer and journalist, Carey served in the US Army for 5 years, including one tour of duty during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Carey also moonlights as the host of The RPG Fanatic Show, an internet television show which has accumulated over 3.7 million views.</p> <p>For more information about The Lean Channel: YouTube For Entrepreneurs, please visit <strong><a href=""></a></strong></p> <p>Author&rsquo;s blog: <strong><a href=""></a></strong></p>


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