My Scream, the song unfolding the crisis of Refugees around the orb

Adam’s new venture about the current situational irony of world.

<p><img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-1745" src="" alt="seolabservicex1191" width="314" height="115" /></p> <p>Dubai, 12th December, 2015, reportedly stated that &ldquo;My Scream&rdquo; which has been has been released, has been greatly written by Adam, is a great initiative taken into consideration which is just according to the current situation of the World. It is the one and only song which has been sung according to the recent scenario of the refugees. Therefore, it calls a must listen push towards itself. This song is able of captivating the minds of listeners. A really motivational song &ldquo;My Scream&rdquo; is all geared up to inspire the lives to citizens all over the globe. This song is portraying all the pains and difficulties the refugees are going through these days, the pain which is being ignored by the world. This composition is really convincing as it is just based on the reality of the crisis.</p> <p>While concentrating on family life, Adam took a long break from Music, but as his come-back to music industry, he is enthralled by the refugee crisis. His latest project includes a song which is called &ldquo;My Scream&rdquo; it is representing the pain of the refugees. An affectionate cause he is really passionate about. With the help of music, Adam wanted to symbolize struggle of refugees and needed to raise awareness towards them. By engaging with the help of male vocalist A.J Lewis, the talented producer is recently giving the final touches on the song which will very soon be released.</p> <p>The song is greatly put together to attain the attention of the listeners and to make them aware of the recent world situation. Either from the opening piano chord or to the very first words, it is so devoutly sung by the singer A.J, &ldquo;My Scream&rdquo; is aiming to draw the listener into it. Adam Hawatt, just like other great artists, is presuming to actually pull the world in closer for an immediate look at the circumstances that are close to his heart which means the Global crisis of refugees. For Adam, &ldquo;My Scream&rdquo; is a message he has grinded of love, a song he has written to exhibit the agony of the refugees. Through music, Adam wanted to display their hard ships and to raise awareness. With more than 750,000 migrants estimated to have been displaced far this year, Adam has selflessly used his talent to raise awareness and bring about real-substitution one of the things about this is what Adam has done to bring about a change in this world is commendable.</p> <p>&ldquo;My Scream&rdquo; elaborates slowly, without any fake simulation and has something magical that quickly builds into a powerful exclamation to action. The song&rsquo;s opening bars are sung on the simple piano chords. The introductory verse binds listener in emerging through the second with amazing detail, and before the chorus approaches to intensely support the captivating storyline and convincing vocals. At the very next moment when the listener least expects it, without any hustle, Adams rap verse imparting itself to proceed in the remaining solicitude and to strengthen the momentum and depth of the song. Thus, this quirky composition is all ready to blow up the minds of public. The efforts of Adam will definitely be paying off as he has been putting a lot of effort of make the first song based entirely on the difficulties of refugees across the globe.</p> <p>This simple yet soulfully connected song surpasses all the political, social, and religious boundaries to basically unite people for a great cause. It is also Adams&rsquo; wish that &ldquo;My Scream&rdquo; will be able to connect and reverberate with hearts all over the globe so that people might no longer become a blind eye to the current crisis at hand, the position of the human condition, the Global refugee crisis. As the refugee crisis is taking place in countries like Syria, Palestine, Sudan, but such crisis are affecting everyone in the world. That is why, this song is outrageous milestone achieved by Adam, while initiating the only refugee song to make other people aware of their hardships.</p> <p>In one way or the other, these crises are effective to all of the humanity, so to create awareness among people about these crises and the sufferings of refugees, &ldquo;My Scream&rdquo; is an awesome start. To make it more aware among people, &ldquo;My Scream&rdquo; has also been translated into many different languages including German, French, Spanish, Arabic, Italian, Korean and Chinese. In this way, everybody would feel the pain which the refugees are facing. This great act of humanity must be promoted as this is the least we all can do. This song &ldquo;My Scream&rdquo; is such bliss in this world full of crisis, therefore, it should be listened and promoted by all as this is a huge step taken by Adam.</p> <p>For More details:</p> <p>Visit these links:</p> <p><strong><a href=""></a></strong><br /> <strong><a href=""></a></strong><br /> <strong><a href=""></a></strong><br /> <strong><a href=""></a></strong></p> <p>CONTACT:<br />Adam Hawatt<br />Address: Knowledge Village Dubai, United Arab Emirates<br /><br />Web: <strong><a href=""></a></strong></p>


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